How Can a Private Loan Help Your Cash Flow Situation

Private Loans for Business Owners

Non Conforming Lenders and Private Lenders can solve the cash flow problem of business owners with the help of a private loan (sometimes referred to as a short-term 1st or 2nd mortgage or a Caveat Loan). The loan is ideal for business owners because:

Bank style credit approvals are not required

Tax returns are not required

Interestingly, a private loan is not only right for a business owner but it can also be beneficial to a property developer or an investor.

Private Loans – Definition

They are fast settling loans, which are structured for a short-term of usually between 1 to 12 months, with a possible rollover (if required).

How does a Private Loan work?

These loans are simply an ‘asset lend.’ For private loans, all you need is to be the owner of a piece of real estate. Here is a list of residential, commercial, industrial or specialised securities that the loans are commonly secured against:

A home or a unit if owned by a Company or Trust

Vacant land / Development

Medical centres

Child care centres

Commercial properties\

Land Bank

Rural land, farmland or agricultural land

How are Private Loans Structured?

They are structured just for a short-term of 1 to 24 months period and generally have a “fast-settlement” compared to Bank funding.

What is the Loan Exit Strategy and how are Private Loans Repaid?

The loan exit strategy is where the borrower agrees to pay the loan back to the lender/credit provider at a predetermined time (usually between 1 to 24 months).

The repayment of the loan can be done by one of the following methods:

You can refinance the loan

You can sell the asset

You can use any business cash flow or commissions due to you

What Reasons do Business People Choose Private Loans?

Here is a list of many reasons (scenarios) why business people choose a private loan:

A common use of the loan is if business people require funds for bridging between the selling of a property and the funding of an urgent requirement

Having the required cash flow in hand by way of the loan has helped many business people to pay off their debts and thereby enabling them to go on with the running of their business

It may be that business people want to expand their business, and they need additional funds to enable them to full fill their business goals

They may want to attend an auction and the need to transfer the funds right after the auction ends

They may simply have a business deal that is too good to let go, and they currently do not have the required cash to pursue this business deal.

Private loans can help you with any unexpected urgent commercial debts that you have to pay before any legal process is taken against you (e.g. default or court judgement) or before you are charged with late fees.

Non Conforming Loans helps business owners in securing finance for their business. The firm’s expert finance brokers will help you in securing a private loan as well as help you in obtaining easy business finance and short-term business loans.

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Porchlio’s Rent Affordability Calculator: Your Key to Smart Renting

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a place to live that fits our budget is crucial, but it’s often a daunting task. This is where Porchlio’s Rent Affordability Calculator comes into play. This innovative tool is designed to help you understand how much rent you can afford based on your financial situation. Let’s dive into how it works and why it’s a game-changer for renters everywhere.

Understanding the Basics

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the calculator, it’s important to understand some basic terms:

Monthly Disposable Income: This is the money you have left after taxes and other mandatory expenses. It’s basically what you can spend on your needs and wants.

Monthly Expenses: These are your regular costs, like food, transportation, insurance, and entertainment.

Percentage of Income Spent on Rent: Experts suggest that you should spend a certain percentage of your income on rent to maintain a balanced budget.

How Does Porchlio’s Calculator Work?

The calculator is user-friendly and only requires three pieces of information:

Your Monthly Disposable Income

Your Monthly Expenses

The Percentage of Your Income You Want to Spend on Rent

Once you input these details, the calculator does its magic. It calculates the maximum rent you can afford without straining your finances. This tool is especially useful for high school students who are planning to move out for college or their first job.

Why Is This Calculator Important?

Financial Awareness

First and foremost, Porchlio’s calculator promotes financial awareness. It encourages you to think about your expenses and income. This is a crucial skill, especially for young adults stepping into the world of financial independence.

Helps in Budgeting

Understanding how much you can afford in rent helps in creating a realistic budget. This means you can look for housing options that won’t leave you struggling to make ends meet each month.

Saves Time

By knowing your affordability range, you can save time in your housing search. You won’t waste time looking at places that are beyond your budget.

Reduces Financial Stress

Knowing you can comfortably afford your rent reduces financial anxiety. It ensures that you can pay your bills and still have money left for emergencies and leisure.

Tips for Using the Calculator

Be Honest with Your Inputs: The accuracy of the calculator depends on the information you provide. Make sure your income and expense figures are as accurate as possible.

Consider Future Change*: If you expect a change in your income or expenses, factor that into your calculations.

Use It as a Guide: The calculator gives an estimate. It’s always good to leave some wiggle room in your budget for unexpected expenses.

Real-Life Application

Let’s consider an example. Imagine you’re a high school graduate planning to move to a new city for college. You work part-time and earn $2,000 per month. Your monthly expenses, including your phone bill, transportation, and food, come to about $600. You decide you can afford to spend 30% of your income on rent. Plugging these numbers into Porchlio’s calculator, you’ll find that you can afford a rent of up to $600 per month.


Porchlio’s Rent Affordability Calculator is an essential tool for anyone looking to rent a place. It simplifies the complex task of budgeting for rent and empowers you to make informed financial decisions. Whether you’re a high school student planning your first move or someone looking to relocate, this calculator is your first step towards smart renting.

Remember, the key to financial stability, especially when renting, is understanding your limits and living within your means. With tools like Porchlio’s calculator, managing your finances and finding a comfortable place to live becomes much easier and more accessible. So, before you start your rental search, take a moment to use this calculator. It might just be the thing that sets you on the path to successful, stress-free renting.

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